30 Amazing Things To Do At Home During Lockdown

Stay Home - 30 Amazing Things To Do At Home During Lockdown

This Corona Virus Pandemic has been affecting our mental health since last year, and there are only handful things to do at home during quarantine. We are unable to go outside to regular things like going to school, colleges, work, play or meet our friends.

Though it was all fun in the beginning but as the adversities begin, excitement vanished. Situation worsened, chaos took over and mental-health started to decline. The world became quiet from outside and chaotic from inside.

World during Covid-19
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Just when everything was getting better, second wave of coronavirus hit again and we went back to the worse. At the time when everything is out of control, our first priority should be to ensure our safety and keep track of our mental health.

While there are not a lot of things that we can think of doing at home, but if we become more creative there are plenty of things to do at home during quarantine even if we are alone.

30 tHINGS To Do At Home :

  1. Click random pictures of your parents and friends.

2. Try to write with both of your hands(become ambidextrous).

3. Learn a new language(it can be from your country as well, you can also read about the origin of languages).

4. Go for cycling, and click pictures of nature en route.

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5. Listen to good music.

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6. Explore different cultures from across the world.

7. Talk to your old friends(refresh your memories).

8. Educate yourself about the real world issues like water scarcity, global warming, deforestation, irregulated mining, etc.

9. Feed stray animals.

10. Meditate.

11. Read books.

12. Play board games, solve puzzles.

Board game chess
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13. Spend time on your roof, look at the moon and stars.

14. Observe the shades of sky during sunrise, sunset and moonrise. Record the nature’s sound.

Nature Photography
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15. Write good things and bad things about yourself. Introspect yourself.

16. Write “how you want to be remembered when you die“. Death is the ultimate reality but, we keep running from it. It would be different kind of experience to write thinking about it.

17. Develop your imagination. Put yourself into different situations and just imagine

  • What if your neighbors are aliens?
  • Your family doesn’t recognize you.
  • The Vampires and the everything supernatural was real.
  • The girl/boy you like is an alien.

18. Work on your flexibility.

things to do at home
Courtesy : news24.com Working on Flexibility

19. Learn a new form of dance. Paint.

20. Create a lockdown documentary.

21. Write down small-small things that can be done to change the world in a better way from your perspective.

22. Color or cut your hairs.

23. Watch good cinema.

24. Learn martial art.

Martial Art
Courtsey : Medium.com Martial Art

25. Create photocards and write notes behind them for your friends and family.

26. Write a song with whatever lyrics you can think of and record it.

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27. Write down things you wanted to say to people but couldn’t; be it good or bad on tiny paper and then burn it or keep it as you wish.

28. Create a list of shows, movies or anything you watched during the lockdown and recommend it to your pals.

29. Write your days in a form of story. Also try to doodle characters.

30. Take out your old stuff and, find some DIY ideas to reuse them in a creative way.

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Father’s day is round the corner and you can take some ideas from here and plan a surprise for your Dad.

*Bookmark this page and keep yourself updated with the latest creative things to do at home during quarantine and you won’t be bored.

Share your favorite one among the list of above things to do at home by yourself during quarantine.

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