Beautiful Almond Blossoms Bloom Into the Valley Of Kashmir, India


While the Cherry Blossom is widely popular across the world, the beautiful almond blossoms didn’t get their share of much deserved attention and popularity among the masses except for in the Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom paintings.

Just like the cherry blossoms, almond blossoms too bloom during the spring season. If the Indian government focuses on creating a Almond Blossom Festival just like the Cherry Blossom Festival, it can do miracles to the Indian Tourism Industry. In Japan the Cherry blossom’s add billions of dollars to its economy in various ways.

If Almond Blossom festival is held in India on a grand level it can attract domestic as well as tourists from across the globe. Two such festivals are already being held in India for the past few years and their popularity is growing year after year, the Tulip Festival in Srinagar and the Cherry Blossom Festival in Shillong. At present in India, one can experience the almond blossom bloom in the Badamwari garden’s of Srinagar.

Here Are Some Beautiful Pictures Of Almond Blossoms FrOM The Valley Of Kashmir :

Credits : Qayoom Khan Almond Blossom Tree
Almond Flowers

Credits : Ajmer Singh Almond Blossom Flower
Credits : Basit Zargar Almond Blossom Bloom In The Badamwari, Srinagar, India

Almond Blossoms In Art ANd Culture :

Almond Blossom – Vincent Van Gogh

Almond Blossom is a group of paintings made by Vincent van Gogh in 1888 and 1890. He made this to celebrate the birth of his nephew and namesake, the son of his brother Theo and sister-in-law Jo. Almond Blossom branches against the blue sky was one of his favorite subjects, and the flowering season was his favorite time of the year.

Almond Blossom Paintings
Almond Blossom Painting- Vincent Van Gogh

5 things to know about Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms

People Share Beautiful Snaps Of Almond Blossoms :

United States of America is the largest exporter of Almonds and, India is among the largest importers of Almonds and the demand is rising every year.

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  1. So beautiful. Some years back I had seen almond blossoms near Shimla and that was such a pleasant surprise. Kashmir must be divine.
    Yes, a lot can be done for tourism in India.

  2. Sigh…I didn’t know about this till last year…how beautiful this look..I have came across so many things we have in India which need our attention for tourism and in general information purpose. keeping this in my checklist

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