21 Movies That Redefined Bollywood Over The Last Years


These Bollywood movies were the epitome of authenticity and definitely path-breaking in terms of stories and their presentation. If one sentence could describe these films then it would be “Diamonds in the Coal Mines”.

In days where filmmakers preferred to go the conventional way and make commercial films and were afraid to experiment and take risks these movies came up with stories that many wouldn’t dare because of the risk of failure.

List of 21 Bollywood Movies That Everyone Must Watch


Avery simple and authentic story that portrays a mistaken delivery in Mumbai’s famously efficient lunchbox delivery system that connects a young housewife to an older man in the dusk of his life as they build a fantasy world together through notes in the lunchbox.

Actors: Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur, Nawajuddin Siddiqui, Nakul Vaid

The Lunchbox

IMDb -7.8/10


A mythological story about a goddess who created the entire universe. The plot revolves around the consequences when humans build a temple for her first-born who is cursed and is not to be worshipped.

It is a tale of Lust and Greed.

Bollywood Filmmakers can take inspiration from this movie and be creative with the Indian mythology rather than making the same kind of story over and over again.

IMDb – 8.3/10

Rotten Tomatoes – 85%


Story of a young divorcee who is a policewoman and friends with the senior officer, Kalpana and, her battle against the contemporary Indian society and its gender bias.


IMDb – 7.2/10


Set in the Chambal valley, the film follows the story of a legion of dreaded, warring dacoits who once terrorized the Indian heartlands.

IMDb – 7.9/10


A retiring police officer reminisces about the most astounding day of his career. About a case that was never filed but continues to haunt him in his memories – the case of a man and a Wednesday.

IMDb – 8.1/10

6. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 

A movie that describes friendship, problems, life ,love, money and family in the most real way. This movie is a a lifetime experience for the people who wish to fly high and live their life to the fullest. A feel good movie with top-notch songs.

7. Kahaani

A very good suspense thriller with a strong female protagonist which captures the culture of Kolkata in the most authentic way possible. The movie flows a little slow but its definitely worth your patience.

8. vicky donor

The movie talks about a taboo subject but is not entirely based on it. This gives out sensible messages like: sperm donation is not bad, marrying a divorcee shouldn’t be a talk of town and inter caste marriages should be normal.

9. english vinglish

It is a story of a mother who is usually mocked by her husband and her daughter for not knowing English and her zeal towards learning that language. Her journey of learning English is inspiring to all the people who are mocked by the society for not knowing a language. A relatable movie for many people.

10. karwaan

The Story is about a Software Guy Avinash who is frustrated with his job and his father’s pressure because of which he is not able to focus on his aim. One day his father dies in an accident while on a tour. Avinash recieves the dead body of another person and the whole scenario gets him in a trauma. The Journey starts with his Friend Shaukat and a teenage Girl Tanya.

This Long ride journey from Bangalore to Cochin and in midway Ooty, is filled with comedy, emotions and mostly realizations. Its a journey of 3 people and their way towards a new beginning.

11. haider

Story of a young man who returns to Kashmir after his father’s disappearance to confront his uncle, whom he suspects of playing a role in his father’s fate.

Director: Vishal Bhardwaj

IMDb – 8.1/10

Rotten Tomatoes – 87%

12. nil battey sannata

A story about a single women (a Mom) and dreams on her Daughter.

IMDb Ratings: 8.3/10

13.  october

Two hotel management trainee’s Dan and Shiuli, one of which is careless and the other is resolved and good. On a New Year’s eve the hotel interns party at the top of the terrace, Shiuli didn’t see Dan at the party so she asks others of his whereabouts and in the process she falls from the terrace. She is taken to hospital where she slips into Coma.

Dan got to know about her accident and that she was searching for him this makes him feel guilty. He frequently visits her at the hospital and because of his irregularity he is fired from his job. Shiuli recovers and Dan gets another job as a manager. In the meanwhile Dan develops feelings for her. Shiuli gets discharged and Dan continues to take care of her. One day she had a seizure; her lung collapses and she dies.

Deeply grief-stricken, Dan takes the tree with himself under which Shiuli used to play as a child as her last memory as her family moves to Trichi.


If we have to name a film that will top the list of path breaking Bollywood films, it would be LSD. The story is filmed in the most realistic way possible and is a reflection of our society. The story, the storytelling, camera-angle, direction everything is a masterpiece.

15. Taare Zameen Par

“Every child is special in their own way”, a dialogue that touched the hearts of people across the world. This movie will touch the most sensitive parts of your heart, it will make you emotional. It also teaches the importance of understanding and the bond between a teacher and his pupils.

No movie can surpass the amount of emotions that this movie was able to project.

16. mukti bhawan

A thought provoking movie that shows that we as a youth still have a long way to go in terms of our mentality and acceptance.

This movie is basically a portrayal of life and how life can be totally unpredictable.
Its not about death, its the celebration of life itself that matters

Mukti Bhawan is a very simple take on this world and the way it runs, a man who goes to Varanasi to spend his last days and attain salvation. He lets go of all the ties when he comes to Varanasi, there he meets a stranger and they become good friends. With time he gets healthier, and then he decides to return to his place.

It’s in a way there generations portrayed together: a young woman making decisions of her own to step into life, a middle-aged man struggling to keep his job and family together, an old man who lets go of all ties.

17. dear zindagi

The title truly plays its role, the frustrations, problems, tangled relationships, mental health issues that come along as the life goes. This movie normalizes the need of mental health therapist that is very much essential in this fast paced world where nobody is there to patiently listen to your problems and help you resolve them.

18. ship of theseus

A Bollywood movie that is par from other movies”, this is based on Theseus Paradox as the title suggests. The movie tells three stories.

The first story is about a young independent woman who takes up photography after she loses her sight to cornea infection. She gets a transplant and regains her sight. Instead of becoming a better photographer, being able to see overwhelms her and she is unable to focus on her subject.

The second story is about a monk who fights a case against cruel treatment of animals by the pharmaceutical industry. The monk learns that he has liver cirrhosis. He now faces the dilemma of whether or not to take the medicine manufactured by the very pharmaceutical companies against whom he fighting for animal rights.
The monk follows a fictitious religion inspired from Jainism and Buddhism. There is a meaningful prayer that he recites, which was written in Prakrit specifically for the film.

The third story is about a young stockbroker, who undergoes a kidney transplant and is touched by the incident of a poor laborer whose kidney was stolen. He traces the recipient back to Stockholm and tries to find a solution for him.

19. nh 10

“When the boundaries of Urban India ends, the real India begins”.
A road trip that was supposed to be sweet and romantic but it goes the scariest way possible. This movie shows the need for reforms in Rural India.
This movie will compel you to think harder and reconstruct your thinking.

20. udaan

Udaan is one of the finest coming-of-age films out of Bollywood which very gracefully interwines the teenage angst with its take on child abuse.

Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

Actor : Rajat Barmecha

IMDb – 8.2/10


It’s a light hearted comedy movie woven around human emotions which a family goes through when unexpected good news breaks out and life changes for them as society and relatives reacts super surprisingly too.

A thought provoking movie that shows that we as a youth still have a long way to go in terms of our mentality and acceptance.

 IMDb : 8/10

Image of Bollywood Movies have degraded in the past few years its high time they focus on good scripts and good actors. If one Bollywood Movie does good they make into a whole series and then again its remake and this never ends.

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