From This Holi Onwards Be A Man Of Character!

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While you enjoy throwing those water balloons every Holi on her, she feels ashamed and disgusted. Is it her fault; “no, it isn’t”. With men’s gaze piercing through her skin, it is her who feels uncomfortable, not the men who keep staring at her. But then why she feels like that.

While you keep roaming on the streets, drunk, it is her who is asked to stay at home and not you. Why don’t you drink in limits and behave like humans and not animals.

Holi 2021
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When you plan to put those colors on your colleague or classmate this Holi, ask for her consent. Maybe she doesn’t like random people putting color on her cheeks in the name of “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai“, and getting away with it.

And if you are a man who has the desire to touch her, record every thought that goes through your head thinking of that, and listen to it, see if this feels right or not. Maybe you sound maniac to yourself too. And if you still feel right about it, please go to the Psychiatrists.

Molesting your sister-in-laws(Bhabhi), in the name of Holi is disgusting. What kind of Euphoria do you people get by molesting someone without their will. What you are doing is only degrading the name of a beautiful festival.

Holi has become less festival of color, and more festival of molestation. Every year cases of rapes and molestation surge on this day. Isn’t this supposed to be a good colorful festival for everyone, then why is this dark?

If you can’t handle your bhangs and drinks then don’t have it. If you want to have fun have it with your people, and don’t drag others into it, because your so-called fun can give someone lifetime of trauma.

From This Holi:

  1. Be someone who doesn’t make others uncomfortable.
  2. Be someone who makes women feel safe.
  3. Be a good person.
  4. Don’t be disgusting.
  5. Learn to be a human.
  6. Don’t put colors on girls/women without their consent.
  7. Be a Man of Character
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