10 Indie Music Artists From India You Must Listen To Right Now

Indie Music Artists From India

If we talk about the youth, then probably many of us know about a few of these indie music artists like Prateek Kuhad, Ritvij and Vilen. But if we talk about the masses, then hardly people know about them. For time, let’s leave the masses and focus on the youth, how many of us take a moment to explore new songs and movies of new artists or directors. Hardly few of us!

Seems like we have limited ourselves to the “viral” or the “trendy” world where we suddenly hear a song, like it, add it to our playlist, and play it till we get done with it. But if we focus on the term audience, that we are, we are the one’s responsible for the content out there; the good and the bad both.

If you are one of those people who is into new stuff and wants the quality of music and the cinema in India to improve, here is a little bit of work for you. Check out these amazing new indie music artists from India

List Of New Indie Music Artists From India :

Some of them will make you groove to their music, some will make you feel at peace and some will let you wander through the walks of life.

1. Maalavika Manoj

Professionally known as Mali, her song “Absolute” is a brilliant song with hard-hitting lyrics. She was the member of the underground band Bass-in-Bridge.

“Absolute” By Mali

2. Vilen

If we have to name an artist that has made his name in the music industry in a full organic way its “Vilen”. No promotions or anything just pure creativity and hard work. None of his two songs are similar in concept and are a completely different experience all together.

“Chidiya” by Vilen

3. Dhruv Visvanath

Dhruv Visvanath is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and songwriter. He was mentioned in “30 Great Guitarists Under 30” alongside Ed Sheeran, Laura Marling and Newton Faulkner by the prestigious Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

Dear Madeline Song by Dhruv Visvanath

4. Prateek Kuhad

The first name that comes to our mind when we think of independent Indian music artists is definitely Prateek Kuhad. And the guy whose song “Cold mess” made it to the list of Obama’s playlist. He is someone who paved the way for indie music artists and showed us that there is a scope for all.

It’s not always that you want to listen to sad or over the top hyper exciting songs, that’s where these easy-breezy songs comes to your rescue.

5. Ambika Nayak

Professionally goes by the name Kayan (opposite of her surname), she is a singer and a performer. She has also worked in the web series “hello mini.” She hails from an artistic family and is trained in Bharatnatyam and Karnataka exemplary music.

Cool Kids By Kayan

6. Ritvij

Though every song has an identity of its own, but still Ritvij’s songs are so distinct that they can be identified from miles away “like yeh to Ritvij ka gaana hai.” The tone, the vibe, the beats feels as if the song is teasing you. He is definitely one of the most creative artists out there.

Chalo chalein

7. Anuv Jain

Anuv Jain songs are love added with a hint of nature in them. Somewhat soothing and somewhat dreamy, but more of different. That’s what makes them unique.


8. Taba Chake

Taba Chake’s songs are soulful and are filled with the essence of nature. He hails from Doimukh in Arunachal Pradesh. Having grown up in a Nyishi tribal family, his songs are inspired by folklore, birds and nature.

Aao Chalein by Taba Chake

9. Hanita Bhambri

Hanita is a self-taught-singer-songwriter from Delhi. Her songs are inspired by love, life and experiences around it.

10. Samar Mehdi

Samar Mehdi’s song “sukoon” is literal sukoon. People who check out the indie India playlist page on Spotify might be knowing him, but outside he is hardly known.

Only a few of the above mentioned songs have reached 100k views on YouTube, while the meaningless lyrics less songs rake million views in no time.

Let’s see how many of these pop artists you already knew. Tell us the song of theirs you like the most in the comment section.

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