It’s 2020 And We Should Talk About Minimum Wages

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People working at mere wages of 2500, 3000, and 4000 is a common phenomenon in the rural areas of India, and some of them are very highly qualified. Many wait for the government vacancies to apply for government jobs, which come once in a blue moon and the job is also not guaranteed because of the fewer number of vacancies compared to the number of applicants. In the meanwhile, these people join local schools to cover the daily expenses of their family.

One such story is of Saroj Devi (name changed), a resident of a small village named Lagadharpur, located in the district of Jaunpur. She works as a Sahayika in the local Aanganwadi Kendra and earns merely 2800 Rupees a month, from which she runs a family of three.

Local Aanganwadi Karyakarti’s earns Rs 5500 and many are from poor families so the whole family depends on them.

A report by The New Indian Express states that 84 million people are still living under poverty. An article by Trading Economics covers other important factors like Unemployment Rate, Minimum wages and Youth employment rate in detail over years.

“Aman, a local village boy, left his studies to support his family. Two other boys went along with him to work.”
Such stories are a very common thing in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh.

According to a survey by the National Statistical Office (NSO), one out of every eight students enrolled in a school or college tends to drop out midway without completing the education and, over 62% of all dropouts happen at the school level, and the major reason remains the poor financial conditions.

Many men are working as migrant laborers and taxi drivers in Surat and Mumbai since they were 16-17.
There are even families who don’t have any source of income or land of their own. They work on other people’s land to meet their food requirements.

If you thought 3500 Rupees were lesser, there are people working in the local private schools for monthly wages of mere 1200 Rupees.

Financial condition is related to the quality of education a person’s family is going to get. Because in our country government schools are still not doing any better.

“Defining the minimum wage on papers doesn’t help the people until it is put to action”

Current minimum proposed wage stands at Rs 178 a day. An article by the covers the current minimum wages across India and what should be a decent minimum wage in India as per the current living standards.

wages graph
Proposed Minimum Wages

“Poor is getting poorer, and the rich getting richer” if you still don’t understand why then it’s trouble.

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