Little Guru: The First-ever Indian App That Teaches Sanskrit

little guru sanskrit

In an endeavor to promote the Indian Culture globally, the government has launched an App called Little Guru that will enable people to learn Sanskrit. The app is created by the Indian Council For Cultural Relations(ICCR) and developed by the Bengaluru-based company Gamapp Sportswizz.

Little Guru is a beautiful symbol of what we proposed to do in teaching to people across the world. This app will help students, teachers and monks to be able to get an app that will help them learn easier at their own pace, whatever time they want. It helps you do better.” said Dinesh Patnaik, DG of ICCR.

Little Guru

Little Guru aims to make Sanskrit learning easy and more entertaining by Gamifying it. In a world where people want everything at their fingertips, this move by ICCR is a highly appreciated. The app is available for everyone on various platforms.

There have been requests from students from across the world for assistance in Sanskrit learning.
Being one of the oldest languages, it holds importance among many religions like Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism), Buddhism, and Jainism. But the use has been mostly limited to religious and cultural rituals.

We can find the influence of Sanskrit outside of India in the Indonesian languages, Malay, Thai and Filipino language. In this era of globalization this app can act as a bridge between culture.

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