30 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Beautiful Mom

mothers day gifts

From being the troublemakers and making her worry, we grew up to be a little mature. Now we understand her struggles and the efforts she puts into everything to keep us happy.

Though her happiness lies in our happiness, let’s do something that is for her. She will never ask for something, so it is on us to make her feel appreciated and loved.
Apart from giving her our time, let’s gift her something that is useful and helpful for her.

Here is the list of 30 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that are curated just for her :

Our parents have sacrificed a part of their life just for us. They continuously work to give us a better life without thinking about themselves. We hardly take a moment to be grateful and appreciate everything they have done for us. They don’t expect anything but love from us in return.

If you want to gift the superwoman of your life something, and you can’t think of the perfect mother’s day gift for her, gift her one from the below list, she will definitely like it. These mother’s day gift ideas are unique and useful at the same time.

1. Back Massager

back massager


2. Gift Her Plants If She Loves Gardening

A set of greenhouse plants.



3. Dishwasher

Saves effort as well as water.


4. Personalised Travel Kit

Prepare a kit with every essentials that your Mom carries while travelling somewhere. Like a kit that has a set of bangles, essential creams, hanky, and a tiny jewelry box.

5. Smartphone Vase

Smart phone vase

6. Juicer

Philip Juicer

7. Egg Boiler

If you are environment conscious, then this is a good choice for gift. Apart from being affordable it saves water, energy and is easily cleanable too.

Egg Boiler


8. Personalised JEwellery

A personalized pendant, ring, or toe rings can be perfect mother’s day gift if your Mom is into jewelries.

9. Framed Family Photograph

Select a beautiful family photo and get it framed.

Simple Photo frame


10. Health Kit

Mom’s worry about us all the time but they hardly take care of herself. Buy these items from a local general store or you can order them online, put them into a box and wrap it up with a gift paper and add a note for your Mom. This gift box is definitely the most recommended one.

  1. Pain Relief Gel
Pain-relief gel

2. Foot cream for cracked heels


Crack heels cream

3. Antiseptic Cream

Antiseptic Cream

4. Multivitamins

5. Menstrual Cup

11. Footwear

Our mom’s spend a lot of time standing so, a comfortable pair of footwear would be a good choice for the mother’s day gift.

Comfortable slippers


Comfortable Slippers


12. Clothes

In clothes go for what your Mom likes, select a dree of her favorite color. If your Mom likes western dresses gift her A-line dresses they beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

If your Mom likes traditional clothes more then gift her a Saree or Kurta. Clothes are always the safe options when comes to selecting gifts.

Dress for Mom
Courtesy : Myntra

Kurta for Mothers day
Courtesy : Myntra

Courtesy : Myntra


Courtesy : Myntra


Courtesy : Myntra


13. Dine Out

While this corona exists we won’t be able to do regular things like going out for dinner and other things. But you can do a little different thing, like plan a dinner out in your garden, or backyard. If you don’t have a garden space you can use your terrace or the balcony.


14. Redecorate Her room

Find some DIY ideas using the existing stuff and change the look of her room. Keep it simple and elegant.

Room Decor Ideas
Courtesy : Livspace.com

15. Her Portrait

Gift a hand painted portrait as the mother’s day gift. Photo frames are among the most common gifts that people generally give if you want to go into details gift her a hand painted portrait.

Order a Charcoal Portrait :

Order a Hand-Painted Portrait:

16. Rearrange Her Kitchen

Remove the old stuff, change the lightings, color the door handles, add some plants and make it more lively.

17. Flowers

Flower Bouquet

18. Self-Made Card

Rather than buying a card from a store put some effort and make a simple and beautiful card for your mother. You can add your card to bouquet of flowers or coffee mug or anything. Combo of all these things would make a perfect mother’s day gift.

Mother's day cards

Check out some simple and elegant DIY cards for mother’s day on The Spruce Craft.

Happy Mother's day cards
Courtesy : Pinterest.com

19. A Collage

Take random pictures of her, create a collage, get it framed and gift it to her.

20. Cushions





21. Dream Catcher

You can buy a dream catcher from The Bohemian Store, this store is dedicated for dreamcatcher’s only. Your support will motivate small business owners.

Dream Catcher


Courtesy : igp.com

23. A Trip To Her Favorite Place

Book a trip to her favorite place after this pandemic ends. This pandemic has caused a lot of mental stress and a trip would be a good idea.

24. A Meet-Up With Her Old Friends

Our mother’s hardly get time to relive their memories, try to arrange a meet-up or a trip for your Mom and her friends. So that she gets to experience something different than the routine.

mom and her friends on trip

25. Foot Spa

foot spa for mother's day


26. Cricut Machine

If your Mom is creative then this might be the perfect gift for her. It will let her explore the craft in her own way. You can use it as well.

cricut machine
Courtesy : cricut.com


27. Update Her Kitchen Appliances

Check out the appliances in the kitchen that don’t work properly and get them repaired. If they can’t be repaired update them.

28. Bluetooth

Parent’s love to listen old songs, and Bluetooth might be a good gift if your mother likes to listen to songs.

Bluetooth Speakers


29. A Comfortable Mattress

You can get a custom made mattress or the readymade one as per your comfort. The locally made mattress are cheaper as compared to the branded ones and also you can select the amount of cotton to be filled.

If you don’t have any idea then go for the memory foam mattresses.

30. Your Time

Most precious of all is your time. Take out some time, talk and listen to her childhood stories.

These Mother’s day gift ideas will work for any Mom whether she is an Asian, European, American or African.

Mother’s Day In India

In India, Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. More than 40+ countries celebrate this day. Mother’s is celebrated to honor, appreciate and be grateful for all the sacrifices mother’s have made for us.

*The Mother’s day gifts shown above are just examples, you can take inspiration from them and make your own customized ones.

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