Ever Heard Of Pogal Paristan – The Land Of Fairies?

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Pogal Paristan

Pogal Paristan is a beautiful Himalayan town in the Ramdan district of Jammu and Kashmir. This lesser known Himalayan region is rich in natural beauty and is believed to be the land of “fairies” by the local people. The name comes from the two valleys Pogal and Paristan.

pogal paristan
Peristan: The Land of Fairies

Some people claim to have supernatural experiences when passing through the area after dusk. If you are into supernatural stuff, you must visit this place. And if you are into offbeat travel destinations, then also you should explore this beautiful place.

A Story FROM Pogal Paristan:

Two friends were travelling through the National Highway for about 5-6 hours. They decided to take a halt and lie down by the side for some time. They laid down and slept for a while. One of the friends woke up in the middle and saw that a girl was sitting near his friend. She was continuously staring at his friend’s face. The girl had long golden hair till her knees with a comb in it, and her face was glowing.

He called out to his friend, and as he called the girl vanished. When he told this story to others, people told that these kind of things are common in the area.

Locals believe that the power of fairies lies in the comb on their head.

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More About this Land of Fairies.

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