“Tenet”, Now Streaming On Amazon Prime For Free

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Yes, you read it right, you don’t need to have Amazon Prime subscription to watch Tenet. The sci-fi thriller Tenet will start streaming on the Amazon Prime Video from March 31. The film is even available to watch for free to the non-prime members. The only drawback for non-prime members is that they won’t get to watch the film in HD.

The Christopher Nolan directorial film initially released in India on December 4, 2020 with a much delay due to the ongoing pandemic.

Source: Variety

‘Tenet’ is available to watch in English, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu to appeal the bigger masses in India.

Tenet stars John David Washington as the secret agent, Robert Pattinson as agent’s handler, Elizabeth Debicki as villain’s estranged wife, Dimple Kapadia as arms trafficker, Kenneth Branagh as Russian oligarch villain, Himesh Patel as fixer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as special ops commander, Clémence Poésy as scientist, Martin Donovan as the agent’s CIA boss, Fiona Dourif as special ops leader, Yuri Kolokolnikov as Sator’s bodyguard, Denzil Smith as Priya’s husband, and Michael Caine as intelligence officer.

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