Top 10 Best Web Series On MX Player

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Top 10 Best Web Series On MX Player

As a viewer we shouldn’t stop exploring for good content so that everything doesn’t become monotonous and, all types of contents get recognized. So this time we are exploring some of the best web series on mx player to watch.

As we know every time a trend becomes a hit, everybody tries to hop on it. Same happened in the Indian web series world after the success of “Sacred Games”, crime/thriller genre started dominating the mainstream video streaming services.

But if you see the non-mainstream OTT streaming services like MX player, Hotstar, Voot, Eros, etc. they are are experimenting with various genres of content some of are light hearted, some are dark, and so on.

HERE IS THE lIST OF Top 10 Best Web Series ON mx player:

1. High

This show is a gripping insight into the world of drugs, drug addicts, drug mafia and pharma companies. The show starts with a group of scientists conducting research on a plant that is believed to have healing properties for many diseases. It no doubt tops the list of best web series on mx player.

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2. Aashram

Though it is said that this show is a work of fiction but you can see that it bears resemblance to many real life cases. It is the most watched series on mx player with more than 1 billion views.


3. BhaukaaL

A cop named named Naveen Sikhera played by Mohit Raina is handed a task to eliminate the risky elements in the city of Muzzafarnagar, Uttar Pradesh.


4. Chakravyuh

The show follows the inspector Virkar who is out there solving a murder case hwich seems to have links with cybercrime. The role of inspector Virkar is played by Prateik Babbar.


5. Queen

Queen is a show that depicts the journey of a strong resilient women who creates her own way into the male dominated world of cinema and then into the world of politics.


6. Ek Thi Begum

Based on the underworld scene of 80’s era in Bombay, it is true story of a woman who gets married to a gangster. Later her husband is killed and then starts the story of her vengeance.


7. Raktanchal

If we have to judge the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) by the eye of Indian web shows then UP and crime goes hand in hand.

This show is based on some real-life-events from the 80’s of Purvanchal, it embodies the rivalry between Waseem Khan and Vijay Singh. Out both one is driven by greed while the other is driven by vengeance.


8. Damaged

This is a psychological crime drama- a genre that is yet to be explored to its full potential. It is also the India’s first show about a female serial killer. If you want to know “what makes a killer” you must definitely watch it.


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9. The Missing Stone

A happily married couple, an extra-marital affair that ends up into an tragedy. This show is a mystery thriller circled around a resort. It stars Barun Sobti in the lead role.


10. Bisaat

This show is a story of a psychiatrist named Kiyana Verma who has a habit of going to the next extent for her patients just to help them. But later this habit of hers lands her into a deep trouble.


This best web series mx player list is for the currently available original series on mx player. To get updated with the latest best web series on MX player bookmark this page.

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